Install a racking system on an existing slab on grade

My team and I have just started a racking system on an existing slab on grade. This project was chosen because it will assist me in mastering my leadership skills. Working as a group gave me more confidence and inspiration to do new things, I found that if you have a challenge, you don't have to deal with it alone. The difficulty level is much lower when working as a group. In fact, stress, failure, and success are distributed evenly among groups in teamwork. Furthermore, this project taught me that working as a group increases personal responsibility. Others will work to take advantage of the results as they see that they are influential as a result of the group. It increases a sense of identity and gives the team a shared purpose and motivation.


As a project manager, I improved my management skills by managing both group members and roles. It was difficult, but it helped me grow as a student. This experience taught me to be more willing to try new things and more optimistic in general as a result of it.

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