Cover Letter for Structural Engineering Intern

Cover letters is one of the most major aspects of effective communication skills, as we learned in Eng-2003. Truly, seeking a decent career opportunity is one of my main goals, and it follows a standard and professional procedure that begins by submitting my cover letter and resume to organisations in order to obtain an interview opportunity.

As I mentioned the importance of effective cover letter, this cover letter is absolutely valuable to me. Also, I discovered that a reliable cover letter has three key parts, each of them can contain unique points. I attempted to clarify professionalism, conciseness, consistency, relevance, and completeness in my cover letter.


This assignment (Cover letter) provided me with an incredible opportunity to develop my talents in writing a coherent and professional letter in response to a job opportunity, and I had to reconsider 7Cs of communication, which are extremely important, in order to complete my customized cover letter

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