About Me

I am second year majoring in Civil engineering at York university. I am heavily involved in civil engineering projects, previously serving as CAD technician in HAL construction company, before I start studying at York University, I graduated from Seneca College as a civil engineer technician, and I am ready to take on a new career challenge, and I will be responsible for all facets of design drafting for my existing and perspective utility clients.

I am always on the lookout for new ways to learn and grow as an individual. As a hardworking worker, I carry not only a wide range of technical skills, but also a wide range of interpersonal skills that I believe can be valuable in any career.

I am motivated and reliable design specialist with vast computer knowledge and superb visual communication skills seeking an AutoCAD Drafter position within a manufacturing unit where my experience in drafting designs for engineering projects and ability to work in CAD software will help in the improvisation of production process.

I am excited to take on new opportunities and learn from them. My hobby is to participate in exciting and sometimes dangerous activities. I like playing basketball, soccer, and taekwondo.

My knowledge and experience have always served as a relentless reminder that connectivity is crucial in nearly every facet of life. Communication is a fundamental aspect of life, whether it's communicating with others in activities or using the 7 C's and 9 Axioms of Communication to appeal to an instructional task or piece of work.

Thank you for taking the time to look at my resume and samples of my work. I'd like to express my gratitude and would be delighted to meet with you for further discussion if you're interested.

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